Restaurants Recommendation System

  1. Data Collection
  1. Collaborative Based Filtering.
  2. Content Based Filtering.
  • Collaborative Based Filtering
  • > User-based Collaborative Filtering
  • > Item-based Collaborative Filtering
  • To implement item-based collaborative filtering, K-NN is a perfect choice and also a very good baseline for recommender system development.
  • K-NN does not make any assumptions on the underlying data distribution but it relies on item feature similarity.
  • When k-NN makes an inference about a restaurant, k-NN will calculate the “distance” between the target restaurant and every other restaurant in its dataset, then it ranks its distances and returns the top K nearest neighbor restaurants as the most similar restaurant recommendations.
  • Euclidean distance is unhelpful in high dimensions because all vectors are almost equidistant to the search query vector. Therefore, we will use cosine similarity for the nearest neighbor search.
  • Since we have a huge number of records, by taking any random restaurant, and based on the user reviews and interest we’ll get recommendations.
  • Content Based Filtering
  • For calculating the results we used ‘PyCaret’ library which is a built-in package in python.
  • PyCaret is an open-source, low-code machine learning library in Python that allows us to go from data preparation to model deployment.
  • PyCaret calculates all the required metrics like MSE, MAE, RMSE, R2 score, etc on its own and sorts the models in descending order based on the performance.




Data Science, ML, DL,AI, Researcher

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Data Science, ML, DL,AI, Researcher

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